Monday, February 21, 2011


As we stepped into the corridor we felt Zen tense a little both Nelson and I sent warm loving vibes to this once feral Babe, we paused and let Zen look around. Though there was little to look at he looked up and down the hall then to each of us in turn we smiled and started to walk down the corridor, toward the foyer where I first came in. Neither of us spoke we just walked sent love and listened to Zen's mind heart and body. He was still afraid but was passed the point of flight he was no longer tense which was a big relief, I opened to Nelson through thought and asked. "Where was Zen found? Was he in the wild? In an abandoned town? Where did he come from?" We were nearing the foyer Nelson felt disturbed and perplexed though he kept it mild I believe for Zen's sake more than his own He cleared his throat though he spoke with his mind. "Ahemm, he was found by a team of Surveyors of Science they had been studying an Old City that was around before 'The Shift' or should I say the remnants of he was startled by the team when they made an attempt, to enter some of the least damaged area. It seemed Zen had been sheltering there for a little while." Nelson seemed amused by the thought "I can't imagine who would have been the most terrified." He sent warm envelopment to Zen Nelson was fulfilling the responsibilities he had made to Ohana.  I laughed at the thought of the Adults being scared witless, by this adorable child though I knew he would have been an awesome sight. "Yes I know that my heart would've tried to retreat to safer ground."  We both wrapped energy around Zen as we entered the foyer Zen looked around without fear. Which made me bloom with pride, oh dear another emotion I'd only read about we slowed to a stop and let him take a really good look.  There were a few people around working quietly and he was watching them intently. Then he smiled as he felt their warmth come to him and greet him, though they did not turn to even see or obviously acknowledge him Zen was appreciative of the contact.


We continued to the door leading to the outside world I was feeling a little anxious Nelson was also Zen though seemed calm as if this was not a big deal for him. Maybe that was because he didn't know what was out there?  Then I felt a strange energy flow around me to rest on Zen I could tell Nelson had felt it to "oh" I offered involuntarily Nelson reacted with, "Hmm." Zen studied our faces, thoughts and feelings he seemed curious that we were unsure. Then smiled and laughed as he pulled more of this pure energy into him and released its equivalent. "Ore" Zen said and started confidently toward the door. Nelson and I were striding to keep up, though Zen was not running he moved swiftly and with minimal muscle motion almost like he was on a telepath, though the speed was not as quick the non-movement, was telltale of such traverse.
He thought to the door not the word open but simply a picture of his wish to go out and the door responded.  I looked at Nelson and sent. "I didn't know we could do that." Nelson's face was one of disbelief "I didn't either" Nelson continued of mind. "Did that energy feel familiar to you?" I replied in kind. "Yes it felt similar to the energy of Zer, Yael, and Ohana yet this was more direct and it felt, ahh intentional or purposeful" Nelsons brow furrowed. "Yes that is how it felt to me to. They love him Scenteal that is not in question, but why was he found alone in the ruins? It doesn't make any sense." My heart ached at the happenings that may have occurred leaving this child homeless. "I guess we will eventually find out."
We caught up to Zen on the step he was standing there staring off into the distance. The strange energy was still around him, from what I could make of the interaction Zen was explaining that Nelson and I were a part of his Ohana now and that he would stay with us. At least that is what I gleaned from the pictures in Zen's mind I looked to Nelson for an affirmative and he nodded. We waited as Zen assured whomever it was he was talking to, that this is the way things were to be (Once again seeming more ancient than his years) the energy then lessened to a whisper. Zen turned to look at us and smiled then gave us a picture of Nelson and myself following him. I looked at Nelson and he at me he spoke with mind and voice. "It is not normally how we would go about finding an abandoned ones family, but then it is not normal to have an abandoned one I am only referring to the script I read on the subject last night. Do you realise we don't even have any procedures in place for this type of incident." He sighed then continued "I had to search archives for data from over two millennia ago and even that just referred me to earlier data pre-stable but post-shift." I saw Nelson was not convinced of the data he'd run through.
"Let's see where he takes us shall we?" I offered Nelson smiled relief  I guessed it was because he hadn't had to make the decision we smiled Zen took the lead.
We walked off into the yard.


Bond was waiting at the stable with Jeneral and Stein Zen went straight up to them and smiled Stein smooched around Zen's legs and Jeneral came to get petted on the head Bond rubbed Zen's shoulder.  
It was a beautiful scene.
"Good morning" I smiled in greeting. "Are we all ready for the adventure?" Warmth flooded from the team assembled. "I'm quite looking forward to figuring out the mysteries behind how this delightful young one, came to be in our care" thought Jeneral.
"As am I" thought Stein. Bond also agreed "Yes it is a worry to think that a Babe who seems loved by his people is now here with us, having been apparently abandoned."
We all nodded in agreement to Bonds words. It was a most extraordinary thing to have happen. "I'm also interested in meeting Ore." I smiled down at Zen he smiled back but there seemed a sadness deep in his heart. I sent a picture to Zen of his leading us he smiled and nodded then started walking south, I felt a niggle and let it go. We were prepared, we were a strong team. Everyone who knew us, knew where we were at any given moment. So we'd be perfectly safe or so I tried to reason with myself.  Bond and Nelson both sent reassuring warmth to me, Stein sent. "Yes we are safe Southside isn't all that bad." He sent a smile with the thought.  "Thank you all." I replied in voice and shared warmth with the team.  The farm didn't really end it just started merging with acres of Onemeal Trees. These trees were the bearers of the food of our staple, they also had the added benefit of storing solar energy, which was transferred and converted then utilised in the running of all our telepaths, houses and all contained there-in. All plants had this ability but these were numbered in their thousands and were most productive. In Suburbia we had trees of all shapes and sizes each serving a purpose. In the Bonded sector where I resided, our dwellings encircled a great ancient nut tree, this sustained us quite sufficiently with both food and energy. At work and out in the nature spaces, you could always find fruit trees, from which any could graze freely, fruit trees were also growing at designated points along all of the telepaths. I guess it was quite an orderly environment where I lived. The contrast was evident now that I was out here in which was for me uncharted territory. These mighty sustainers of life, silent and giant, were noble in their duty. Birds flittered through the air and skittered in the growth beneath the giants, we didn't have undergrowth in suburbia, the sounds were eerie in their delivery so random and unsolicited.  I thought I could feel the trees there were people who could I'd not met anyone who did though I hadn't felt tree energy ever before I didn't want to investigate that at this point. So I focused on the beauty that surrounded me.
I soaked in the experience of nature.
As we walked the gravel path scrunched beneath our feet and scuffed with each step I found the texture underfoot and of ear quite pleasing. Zen and Jeneral had run off taking the lead Zen was laughing and obviously loving the adventure in short time they disappeared from sight I could still hear them in my mind and feel their excitement.
Jeneral was having a marvellous time "I feel like a pup again!" She sent to us then bounded off barking, we all laughed at her free spirited way.
I was trying to find memory of ever having felt that free and exuberant. I was having a hard time and my head started hurting. "Scenteal" Bond said of mind, "you shouldn't do this to yourself." He came close and pressed the spot at the base of my skull releasing the pressure I freely built up. "A-ha!" That was my freely, right thereI freely give myself a headache "Scenteal." Bond offered kindly and in sympathy for he knew I'd not give up this thought.
I focused once again on the journey...
My thoughts took in this group that had come together for this one child.  Who was Zen that we now were united in this one cause? Apart from Bond no-one here was known to me.
Stein sent "I know Jeneral, we work together often." Nelson said "I have met Bond before today, but I know neither, Stein or Jeneral."  Surprised I simply sighed "Oh." Nelson sent warmth and sympathy? I kept walking as thoughts kept flooding in dancing and morphing.
Who was Bond? I live with a stranger. How does he know Nelson?
What is it he does when he isn't with me? Is he with me as I sleep? Why would he be? He doesn't need to sleep. The amulet at my breast, would alert him to my impending waking state. He may just return before I do? Return from what, from where?
Once again Bond placed his hand at the base of my skull. "Scenteal, it is good to question when you are ready for the answers, they will come." I continued to walk and started letting go of the thoughts that bothered me. They would still be there when I had time to address them. I raised my head not realising I had dropped it I breathed deep and looked toward the horizon. Zen and Jeneral waited at what appeared to be the end of the road.
I looked around at the gentle giants I would miss them I wondered if I would know such beauty again.
I thanked them for their being and walked on...


Nearing Zen and Jeneral I noticed that we had indeed come to the end of the road.
Beyond where they stood was a great depression, filled with the most amazing sight I'd ever laid eyes upon it was a jungle a thick luscious jungle, we stood momentarily absorbing the beauty of Southside.  Stein came to me weaving in and around my legs, He sent. "See it's not so bad is it?" I sent him warmth and replied of mind "This is exquisite!" I was almost breathless. I felt drawn I would be going in there exhilarated I breathed deep the cooler crisper air that was offered Nelson came and stood beside me, gaining my attention "This is a unique experience. I hope you enjoy every moment." Then he placed an arm about my shoulders and squeezed me gently, my body reacted, wanting more I let it go my cheeks bloomed but I didn't mind.  After all there were no secrets amongst this group.
Jeneral came up her manner tight. "We must move on we don't want to be scrambling around in the jungle after dark." I smiled and nodded.
Nelson and I parted…
Zen was off down the track of the cliff face as soon as he saw us moving I had to laugh at his eagerness I couldn't decipher from his joyous thoughts, if it was the jungle or something else, all I could make out was jumping and leaping and a feeling of freedom. There was that word again free, freedom.
Was it normal to be feeling this inhibited unsatisfied and yearning? I couldn't recall learning anything about this, phenomena when scholared?  We never really dealt with personal things at all. Everything was logical, practical, you did what was to be done, you thought through everything and found the answer or another question. Nothing to do with heart at all. Interesting…
The scent of the jungle grew thicker, cooler and damp I came once again out of mind, to take in the now. My eyes delighted at greens on greens and living moisture on the forest floor blacks and browns seeming fresh and decayed. Textures abound course timber of trunks supporting boughs of smooth shiny leaves, sizes, shapes, nothing conformed yet everything had its place, perfect untamed beauty I was most fortunate to know this place.
To think I thought all of Southside was going to be like the farm holding, just cells but without technology.


I looked closer and felt further out into the jungle we followed a well worn path I could feel the trees their heady energy creating a loll under the canopy.
Moisture warm started to build on my skin as a whispered breeze scintillated, amidst all these sensations I could feel the animals in numbers vast. Every imaginable creature it seemed, although I had worked with many animals I'd not felt such variety before I only vaguely identified two creatures an arachnid and a mosquito. These creatures I knew intimately, as people came into contact with them often. They weren't the easiest to communicate with and the mosquito was very stubborn and relentless I had had some success convincing some mosquito that it would be best to find an animal besides man to feed off, for it would almost always, end bad for them and their kind. Unfortunately the varieties of mammals left were few, and their numbers low. The human was the most logical choice for their kind.  I lifted my head looking with eye and mind I sent out a calm energy tone, one all the creatures would recognize as human, as me. I felt a pause in the jungle energy, everything was listening, then individual tones were sent back in greeting. Zen had stopped and was listening to the new energies he released his own fun and spirited one. Instead of being sent a greeting back, little creatures started appearing at the paths edge and the flora replied with a melodic energy. 
He suited the jungle and the jungle knew him...


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