Monday, February 21, 2011


Boy went over to the glass and focused his attention on Nelson.
When he was sure Nelson was watching. He bowed his head in a sideways notion, looking awfully sorry. Nelson thought spoke with a small smile. "Hello I'm Nelson I am here to observe and assist." Boy looked straight at Nelson and thought with voice. "Yo I." Then sat back on his behind legs resting to the side.

He waited…

I walked over and sat by the translucent wall. I touched the glass with the palm of my hand. Boy looked intently at me and my hand. He rose cautiously and slunk toward me. He then mirrored my posture and sat putting his hand against mine.

I nodded and thought "hello" smiling warmly and projecting gentle warmth.
He nodded and tried the same. The fear I felt was deep. But there was a slight-trust just simmering beneath the terrified surface.
I smiled wider with teeth still hidden and placed another hand upon the wall. Again Boy mirrored. Then I slowly stood up. Boy did the same cautiously.
I moved to the door that would let me into where Boy was. "I would like to come in" I thought and spoke. Boy didn't appear to understand me.
I could feel the tension from the crews. Nelson's heart was pounding so hard in my mind, it hurt my ears.
I held up my arm to the wall and stroked it Boy did the same. I then held my arm to the wall, he did the same. I then acted to stroke his arm, again he mirrored me.
I spoke to the door. "Please let me in." Boy watched his anticipation had spiked.
The door opened Boy moved back a little as I stepped in.
I stood not three metres from the Boy. Who had not ten minutes previous near concussed himself on the wall.
Boy stood my mirror image.
I held both arms out hands down. He did the same. I moved forward one step. So did he.
We closed with our hands almost touching. I looked at boy smiling warmth.
I slowly crouched to come into his sightline. "Hello" I said and thought.
"A yo" Boy grunted.
Our fingers centimetres apart I made to touch one hand with the other.
Boy watched without flinching then copied me. I turned my palms up as did boy.
I motioned for him to touch my hand by pointing and rubbing. He just mimicked my movements. I then sat down legs crossed arms resting.
Boy didn't mimic this instead he sat in place with his legs to the side. Relaxed and waited.
I was comfortable didn't feel scared. I knew what I needed to do next. I wasn't so comfortable though, that the thought didn't scare me a little.
Facing Boy I changed to a laying position on my side.
He did mimic this with a cautious glimpse at Nelson and the teams. I lay looking at a little babe. This he actually was.
Under all the bravado he was just a babe.
As he relaxed into the posture his hand brushed mine. It was electrifying and he pulled back with a snarl.
My heart near jumped out of my mouth. Instinctively I curled up into foetal.
Hands and arms protecting face and neck. I was blind I couldn't see him. I could feel his alarm. Easing through confusion, curiousity, sympathy and love?
I was terrified and confused by his emotions. He was right there his breath slowing his fear fading.
"Ha yo" he gruffed.
I lifted my hands. His little face brightened as mine appeared. "Ha yo." He small smiled as I had him earlier.
I let a hand rest on the floor as my heart achieved consistency. "Hello" I thought and said with warmth and smile.
Boy moved back into mirror position then and his hand rested next to mine.
He let his finger touch mine. The surge ran again and we both flinched without losing contact.
I sent warmth and love to him and he wrapped himself in it. I kept sending. I then opened to let the team assist. So we all could help and get to know this little beauty.
When Boy became aware of the others energy he looked up and queried each.
Stein, Jeneral and Nelson let him know what their separate energy felt like.
Nelsons attention was soaked up with ferocity. The appreciation oozed from Boy. I sat up slowly and Boy followed.
"So, where to from here guys?" I had let Boy take my hand as I spoke with the Team. "We have made great progress. Whatever we do next is crucial. We don't want things to go back from here do we?''
The mood in the room had turned serious. Boy squeezed my hand gently then held it to his chest. He had sensed the mood change. The room adjusted to try and comfort him.
"Well," Nelson spoke "Should we see if he can be moved into more appropriate dwellings?"
Stein and Jeneral looked at each other. Then to me and at Nelson their doubt obvious in their faces.
I had started stroking Boys hand. He was now resting his head against my arm. "I'm not too sure that is a good idea he's secure here for himself and others." I couldn't believe the words spewing from my mouth. But they continued erupting forth. "I think at this time it would be a mistake to change his environment." Okay that makes sense. "I would like a cot set up in the other room for me please." Woah! But I kept speaking, "and a couch put in here. Make that two couches and a low sturdy table." Hmm I knew. I knew what was best but I didn't like it totally. It was definitely the best idea in this situation.
I returned my focus to Boy smiling as he examined my other hand thoroughly. Warmth issued from me and my heart ached. I was happy-sad a confliction consumed me.
Boy ever sensitive looked at me. Alarm in his beautifully innocent eyes. "Its okay." I smiled and rubbed his hand then I reached out to him.
I felt his shock he froze.
"Its okay." I stroked his arm gently. Realizing at the last moment that any move to the face or neck area may seem threatening.
"Its okay" I continued stroking his arm.
We'd only known each other for roughly 30 minutes and the progress had been sensational. But I felt it was going too slowly. "Nelson can you step into the other room please" I asked.
He did that.
Boy became alert and erect he was still holding my hand but didn't seem to connect with it. I squeezed gently and stroked he reciprocated but his focus remained on Nelson.
He had gone to the wall nearest us.
Very casually he sat down and placed a hand on the glass. And there we had it a perfectly good routine to pacify a feral child. Hopefully it would not be one we'd have to use again.
Nelson was sitting next to Boy and I in a couple of minutes.
Then Stein and Jeneral adapted the routine to their forms.
Before an hour was up we were all sitting vibrantly. Sharing energy and the star was beaming. He had even let Nelson touch his face.
We sat and each took turns at talking to Boy. He had already picked up the habit of nodding as one spoke to him. Such a rapid learner amazing!
The door outside of the lock-up room opened and couches floated in. Boy jumped. But did not move from us. He gently let his hand rest on mine.
Bond entered after the Kinetic team. Who had arranged the furniture in the lock-up without entering. Boy watched curiously. As the furniture floated into place. He knew the energy came from the man and woman in the other room.
How does a sensitive Babe end up feral??


Bond walked into the cell I would be sleeping in.

Boy stood up his face a study in confusion. He walked over to the wall and he put his hand to the glass.
Bond followed his lead.
Boy banged on the glass making us all jump. Bond of course did not.
Next Boy howled savagely viciously at Bond. Bond of course did not have an emotional response to that.
"May I try something?" Bond asked.
Boy stood back not angry but with a curious look on his face.
We all gave Bond a "Sure you can." mumble.
"Hi I'm Bond I am different. I am like this wall." Bond touched the wall and himself. "I am a friend." He smiled mouth closed.
Then he walked over to the door and entered the room.
Sat down and waited.
Boy was surprised. We sympathized with him he could not feel Bond. He didn't know why. We sat and let Boy acquaint himself with Bond.
Food was bought into us.
Surprisingly Boy did not as I had expected, ravage the food he was given. In fact he was extremely delicate and did not leave essence of a morsel eaten.
We ate together as if it were a family gathering. In a sense for the Babe it was supposedly his first family union.
"So for now I'm here with the Babe. We start easing him into the bonded world? He will need a Bond wont he? We must organize placement as well of course."
We ate and agreed on the Babe needing a Bond firstly and home placement.
There was a brief silence our group appeared contemplative.
A slight feeling of nervousness. I spoke up. "Do we need to find out how he came to be feral?" Everyone shifted slightly awkward was the term to describe the feeling. "Ahem yes." Nelson replied. "We absolutely have to know how this happened. Will it happen again? Has it happened before? We can no longer avoid Southside and the poverty of knowledge that exists there."
The group sighed relief.
We knew that was exactly what had to and needed to happen.
We relaxed and enjoyed the last of our meal.


I wake with a panic! I'm alone where's Bond? Where am I? I hear this god-awful keening! "Aaaahhhh!!"

My senses stumble about me. I am erect my head swarming. I sit waiting for equilibrium. My eyes slowly focus on the strange environ. Memory starts to return. The Babe oh yes. "Oh yes!"
I stand and run, straight into the glass wall. "Ooofh!" My forehead hits hard. In darkness I see stars."Ohh! Mnnshht!"
From the amulet at my breast Solid inquires "Is everything okay Miss?"
"Oh Solid what is it with me and walls!" I re-adjust myself and purposely focus on my destination. Solid offers "Maybe Miss you are too automatic. And your navigation systems have not understood where they were supposed to take you?" That actually made more sense to me than I wanted to admit.
"Yes thank you Solid. I think you may have a point."
"You are welcome Miss. Can I do anything for you?" Solid asked. "No thank you Solid I'm okay. I'll let you know when I need you."
"Very good Miss."
Regaining my senses I had the feeling of being watched.
I proceeded to the door…


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