Monday, February 21, 2011


I release resistance to the outside world reluctantly. 
As the warmest, sexiest, liquid rich voice inquires. 
"Hey how are you feeling this morning beautiful?" 
Silence makes way to a whimsically eerie prayer. 
"Morning Bond. I don't know how I feel?" I growl into a stretch and say. 
"I love my sleep. My dreams have escaped me I feel."
Bond strokes my nape and feathers kisses down my cheek and along my jaw.  
"Lost, disconnected" I state. 
Eyes smiling with the twinkle of double suns he purrs. 
"Reconnection underway." His words tasty on my tongue tingle my lips. 
Now this is how everyone should wake-up.
Smiling "mmming" I reconnect.

Naked with body at-one I step into the cube.

Eyes closed I feel the heat of the light exfoliating. 
Entering and cleansing my skin. 
I tilt my head and open my mouth momentarily. 
Keeping my eyes closed. I move through the postures. 
Light warming cleaning my body. 
I am renewed. 
I exit the cube.
Welcomed by a coolness that feels wet but is illusion. 
My skin prickles excitedly.
Stepping onto the mat it covers my feet with an invisible substance.
It is super flexible and tough enough to protect my feet if I wanted to walk over hot coals.
Who would do such was beyond me. Where I get these ideas I don't know.

I look at the inert Aurap hanging calmly white. 

As soon as she feels me she starts to excite. 
Crimsonnova through redpurplepassion. 
Then to purpbluewave calming to a purpbabyblueblush.
I enclose myself in her bliss. 
She welcomes me. 
Warming over my arms. 
Hugging over and under my breasts. 
She conforms flattering my figure. 
Her scent is delicate lightlypinkwhite. 
"Thank you" I adore.
She peachpinkly blushes I feel her rush of warmth and laugh.

I walk out onto the deck. 

To pick a few nuts and leaves from the Onemeal tree, with which to break my fast.
Then return inside taking a glass from the mini-cube. 
I crush the leaves and place them in the glass.
Still I watch fascinated as the leaves start to liquefy and dissolve in seconds, producing a tasty viscous, providing all the essential elements the body needed for twelve hours. 
The nuts gave the body tissue everything else it needed.

"So where am I needed today?" I enquire of the empty room.

Suddenly it glooms down. 
There's a low hum and a clunk, then I'm stolidly told. 
"Central informed me that you were needed Southside." Grey silence humming darkly.
"Mmhh" I mumbled from a mouthful of nuts. Southside needed more than I was capable of. "Thank you Solid and I'm sorry I didn't say good morning. Obviously you are an evolving tech. A naturally evolving empathtech and I wouldn't have it any other way" 
I drank the fluid the glass helping suppress a grin and a laugh. 
The room bloomed peachpink through the grey. 
"Well thank you for acknowledging my feelings I appreciate that." Solid replied tuttingly bashful. Then in Old English butler voice. "Now. Is Bond accompanying you today?"
Swallowing my last bite I say. "Not all day, he can meet me there. You'll know when I do where I'm going to be" 

On my way out the door I say. "Goodbye love you" 

The room bursts crimsonred. I laugh. 
Solid toffily expels. "I will see you later Miss"


Not two steps out of my front door. 

Doofhh, "aarrhh!" I re-acquaint myself with the hall wall.
"Are you okay miss?" Solid asks from the amulet resting between my breasts.
"I'm so sorry" I grind through clenched teeth to an inorganic notech wall. 
I must be losing it. But I'm so sure that wall bumps into me and not me into it. 
Irritably I affirm "I'm fine!" 
Rubbing my shoulder I say goodbye. 
"Thanks Solid see you this afternoon"

Why they hadn't upgraded to lowtech hall walls I don't know. 

The council was practically giving them away two seasons previous. 
Some people were like that though, even in the councillary. 
Even after the great shift. 
Where people opened and became more than their physical breathe, their egotional heartmind. 


Once again. 
By the journey that the seekers, and the evoluters lived before the year 2021. 
I suck-up and admiration warms my cheeks... 

The day is beautiful, sky truest blue. 

Across the telepath on the naturespace. 
Five youngers lay, head against a hololog. 
Looking intently at the flawless blue. 
Awaiting the sensation that lets you know, our planet isn't static. 
"Ola" I call across the way. Waving to the youngers and the two midterms.
"Ola!" they chorus. "Most beautiful day is it not" one of the midterms state. 
I reply in kind. "Certainly it is!" 

I step out onto the telepath. I can feel the energy surround and invigorate me. 

"Where to?" the voice in my head enquires. 
"Central please" I replied of mind.
Travelling this way always lifts my spirits. 
Blink-of-an-eye and you are anywhere you wished to go. Providing they had telepaths. 
I didn't know how the paths worked. I may not understand were I told. 
Where I would be heading later, the telepaths didn't work. 
They were sabotaged by people reluctant to evolve. 
There was very little transport in Southside. 
I would not be going there alone.

Stepping off the path. 

I walk up the stairs to the doors of Central. 
This is the place many come to when they need help.
This is my world. I lived to serve, to soothe, to heal. 
People, animals needed me. 
Even those Southside. 

"Good morning madam. How are you on this beautiful day?" chimed the doors. 

"I'm fabulous Jim it's always a good day when you can help someone."
"Right you are madam, good day." Jim said 
"Thank you Jim, good day to you too." Jim always made me smile.


I saw Seth at the front desk. 

Which was actually a couch. 
But for some unknown reason all first ports of call, were called front desks. 
I smiled and waved. "Ata marie Seth" 
Seth's light green eyes looked up. Straight into my heart, it felt good. 
"Ata marie, you look fine today" he replied.

I came to stand in front of him. 

He stood, we hug, the exchange is amazing. 
Ecstasy of the heart, and mind. 
Looking into each others eyes our minds meet. 
I see, feel his warmth of mind it is a blueygreen. 
My energy flickers and slinks redlypink toward him. 
Seth's eyes and mind seducing me. 
His energy embraces mine then we merge serenely. 
Ecstasy races through us we are one with the sensation. 
We hold closer, cheek to cheek, he smells fantastic. I feel his breathe, heartbeat, stubble of chin.
He is warm and I know. I am, in love. 
"Love be yours today" we say. 
We part gently. 
I to the chief. 

He to his duties...


"Good morning Chief. How are you today?" 

Sitting on the couch he looks up. "Good morning you look chipper as always. Ready to hit the Southside?"
Sitting down I smile and take a deep breath. "I'm ready now, may I have the details?" 
He smiled and patted my hand. 

"This is an unusual case. I've heard nothing of this kind in my lifetime. I've not even heard of it in recent history." A sad expression had taken his face. 

He paused. 
"We have a feral." 

Oh ok we get feral animals from time to time. 

One of the hazards/adventures of living with nature as opposed to it. 

But his face did not confirm my thought. With effort he continued. 

"We have a feral Babe."

"UUnhh" My shock caught in my throat. 

"Sorry?" People call animals babes sometimes. That is obviously what he meant. 
"Are the rats becoming a problem?" I offered weakly. 
He looked at me with, sympathy. 
"No I'm talking about a child. A human child. We have a feral one. He is being held in a block over at Southside."

Chief placed his hand on mine and just let it rest there. He was grounding me. 

I had dreamt up the most hideous of creatures. From the most hideous of circumstances. I was shaking. 
What a strange sensation.
"That you are feeling is fear dear." Chief informed me.
"Oh. I am? It's intense! It hurts! How did people live with this everyday? The ancients were strong!"
I thought I was coming round. 
But then my stomach heaved. 
I jumped up and ran for the wetroom. 
I was violently sick. 
My head was pounding. 
I was startled by my reflection. 
Who was that pale and flushed, obviously distraught person? I hardly recognized myself. Only logic confirmed me. I let myself feel the pain, this new emotive force. Breathing it into my lungs, my blood. My heart boomed. "Bond I need you! I need you now!" Even my voice did not sound like mine, but a ghost of mine. 

Leaving the wetroom I returned to the Chief. He held out a glass with water in it. "Here drink, it will help." Placing his hand on my back he led me to sit down on the couch. 

"Thank you. I'm so surprised by my reaction I haven't given thought to our, the ahh…" 

My look to him was pleading. 

"Babe. The child boy, approximately five. Though we are not certain. Healthtechs are there now." He said removing his hand from his visioncuff. 
"Yes. Okay let's go and meet this Babe." 
I stood legs still slightly shaky.

I took a deep breath and we left….


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