Monday, February 21, 2011


Reason allowed himself to drift in his celestial cavern of a bubble.
Letting what he had just learned filter through.
It was dark. It was quiet this is how he liked it. Pushing and pulling the air like it were solid Reason manoeuvred himself. So he could enjoy the nebula he was about to be consumed by. He wished to enjoy a moment. Before he informed them of what was going on with the droid.
Reason sighed. Seemingly regretful and weary.
Turning his attention toward the nebulous wonder.
So much light. Yet so little pain it caused his ever sensitive eyes. Floating in his bubble he felt as if he were encased inside the nebula itself. For it was all around him now.
Reason felt joy. How he missed that warm smile in the belly and heart.
Why had humanity given it up…
Reason relaxed on his cloud letting his mind and emotions loose in the nebula...


"Rea-son. Rea. Come back now Rea" Reason could hear that call. That voice. He didn't want to return. Being here in the perfect space. His mind. His emotion. His bubble. This, his slice of eternity.
His ears were burning and starting to ache. Why did they insist on using that noise maker. They had thought.
But it wasn't enough, she had said. "We have these bits best use them" In that nasal off pitch voice.
Reason was certain permanent damage had been done long ago.
He was so sensitive to sound and light for that matter. He didn't see the point in using the near obsolete. The fact it was a part of his body was a non-issue to him. "Rea-son" With thought Reason gruffed back "Mother. Stop yelling. I can hear you. Use thought please. You're hurting my head." Reason suddenly felt warmth on his face and his body.
He sighed. Bracing himself for the inevitable.
His mother moved closer. The light following her. Becoming unbearable to Reason. He loved the dark and made it a point not to see white light with his eyes.
With a mental sigh he addressed his mother. "What is it you wished of me mother. I'm busy and the light is quite discomforting."
Instantly he felt the dark coolness return. "I'm sorry Rea" she said. Then stopped as she saw him flinch. She repeated the apology with thought. "Thank you mother. I'm sorry I just find your ways so awkward and uncomfortably stimulating." His mother stood looking most apologetic.
Reason could feel this. Like a wave of shame crashing into his cloud. He lowered to see his mother's face.
He sent her warmth and love and was rewarded in kind...
"Would you like to know how the droid are doing?" Mom always enjoyed his updates. She jumped up next to him on his cloud. He smiled with fondness she was beautiful in her simplicity.
"The droid are evolving mother. They are evolving emotionally, without any modifications on our part." He let this flow through her. She was excited initially then confusion hit her and finally fear. "Son I'm not altogether comfortable with the idea of droids having feelings. Why we humans have for millennia been trying to overcome that weakness."
He knew she was right. He was feeling alarm at the situation himself. "I know mother I'm not sure myself whether it is a good thing, or not. Will we be able to rely on emotional droids?"
He sent again calming warmth.
They sat deep in their own thoughts watching the paths open up…


Reason was content to let his endlessly winding thought paths roam. Then he stumbled upon one that interested him. The path showed the droid population. The Bonds. Coaching their human wards through situations that extended thought when emotion was present. It also showed the wards, teaching the droids to use logic and reason. In situations that overwhelmed the newly self evolved Bonds.
Reason felt a drag on his thought path and let it pull and eventually release. In his mind his father asked. "Son. Why do you bother yourself with such matters? We know that whatever happens is what is meant to happen." Reason smiled and replied of mind. "Because there is always a chance that we may be able to change the future. Is there not?" Reason waited. He could feel his father probing at his logic. "Yes that is correct. But I don't understand why it interests you. Why not just sit back and watch as your mother and I do?" Reason listened patiently. Feeling his father's genuine confusion. He simply held no interest in human affairs any more. He didn't need to not here. Reason smiled to his father in reply and sent. "I can't honestly tell you father why I am interested. Only that I am. I guess when I first started this project it was all very calculated and impersonal. However I have grown an appreciation for all the inhabitants of this world. If I can manipulate situations to better improve habitation and evolution. Is that not for the good of all?" Reason could hear his words and not for the first time felt a slight shame at his egoism. He shrugged it off telling himself that it was human conditioning rubbing off on him.
He knew he didn't really buy that. But wasn't ready to deal with the facts. His father silent and deep left his space with a lot on his mind. "I'm not sure son. It just doesn't feel right somehow." His father was gone.
Reason sat his face hot. His heart beating quick and his stomach ill…
A warm cooling enveloped him then his mother spoke of mind. "Don't worry son I'm sure you will do what is right. Because we can't do any wrong." She stroked his cheek. Kissed his forehead, then patting him on the arm. Before she left.
Thinking to herself. We can't do anything wrong…
Her brow furrowed.


Reason's bubble was once again quiet and dark. The nebula was dim he brightened it then dimmed it again. He wished he hadn't seen his mother's thoughts. It was easy to deny ones own worries. But his mom was now questioning stability. To know you did no wrong made everything right.
She was on a path that would lead to no good end that he could see.
What was happening it seemed not only Scenteal was evolving but the droids and now them.
Reason clutched at his stomach nothing was right.
Right at this moment everything seemed wrong...