Monday, February 21, 2011


The place we arrived at was new to me, and looked like an olden day farm.
There were fenced grassed areas, and unsightly brick pens, these had been deemed unethical to animals and outlawed centuries ago.
I didn't feel scared like before, this was a different feeling…
I felt heavy and a live numb was stuck in my abdominal area.
What was this place? I looked at Chief he was a little uneasy, he wore a frown. I could not hear his thoughts.
We made our way to an older style building. It seemed the appropriate fit for this strange place.
In fact the journey here was representative of this place. We had a horse pulling along a carriage that we were sitting in. The horse assured me that he was fine and even enjoyed serving us.
I could understand that, after all I did the same myself. "Where do you live?" I enquired of mind. "I live on the farm it is nice there quite right for me." He had sounded though he meant it. But seeing it now it was hard to accept that an intelligent being would care to live locked up.
Walking past the horse thought to me. "But you lock your self away at night do you not?" I jumped lightly at the intrusion. "Well yes I do but that is my choice and for my betterment!" I almost cried. "As it is for me." He smiled in my mind. "The name's Charlie."
Embarrassed that I'd not even asked his name or offered mine left me mute and struggling for breath. "It's okay," Charlie thought. "Seems to me you have been through much today. Your mind was screeching so hard not to hear it. You've been overwhelmed, please don't feel bad." He trotted off after thanking a bonded for helping him undress.

I stood. I watched. I was stupefied...

Walking into the 'house' I was immediately taken aback it looked 'normal' the walls were empathtech, warming and soothing me instantly.

I felt my lungs expel and the worries lessen. It was strange to have this emotional connection to a problem. Problems were for logic and that is how we dealt with them. Well up until now that is.
I never recall Adults telling us anything about this other extreme reaction to a problem. Not once. Seems ludicrous this be kept from us.
I had to sit down.
The room was doing well by me, but now my less stressed bodymind was reeling. A strong warm hand steadied me. I let my head fall against firm chest. "Thank you Bond" he seated me. "Don't speak just rest. You have had a lot to deal with just rest let it filter." His voice soothing.


I then became aware of my aurap she was deep redblack all over. "Ooh!! I'm Ooh!! So sorry!" Again my pulse raced. My aurap erratically changing through dark redpurpblackblue. I was gasping for breathe. Bond kept holding me soothing with words. I couldn't hear by ear or mind. All I could hear was screaming. Seeing bloodredblack dancing voluptuously in my vision.

Suddenly I felt a surge of warmth run through me changing my visionthree. I was picked up and held like a Babe. My pulse slowed I could see light hear a warm male voice and in my mind babybluepinks drifted. My eyes focused on a man I did not know. "Hello" he spoke softly calmly. "You're okay you are safe we can help you through this okay." I believed him I nodded and went to speak but throat was deserted. "Hhhi" was all I managed. "Ssshhh" He said stroking my hair. I sat heaped upon the lap of this new person in my life. My head cleared after ten minutes enough to say. "Hello thank you so much."
He looked down assessing my condition. "I'm happy to have helped. I'm Nelson. I frequent this fine establishment from time to time. But I have not met such beauty before."
I didn't know how to react to what he had just said. So I didn't. "I need to get up please." I tipped out of his lap. Coming to stand wobbling Bond steadied me. "Thank you Nelson, I am unused to such high drama." Standing Nelson smiled saying. "Don't mention it I live to serve."
Our eyes held each other…


"You are here to see the babe aren't you" Nelson stated rather than asking. "Aaah yes I am. I don't know where the chief has gone?" I said looking around blindly.

"That's fine he's being briefed I was asked to escort you to the babe." Nelson said.
A slight rose coloured my cheeks at the word escort. I followed him down an awfully long corridor. He held open a door and let me enter first I was a little nervous. "It's okay, it's safe." The room was dimly lit with soothing sounds wafting. It had a wall down the middle it was made of glass. On the other side of this wall sat a babe, a child. He looked terribly disturbed obviously feral. Wearing a tattered piece of clothe about his hips. Showing a thin body with big thighs that didn't fit his frame well.
I was hoping to find some sense of human sanity. I could not recognize any. Looking at Nelson I enquired, "I see the room is trying to calm. Who has had contact with the child?" Observing the child Nelson replied. "Only I." I noted a slight flinch and an even slighter shudder. "He attacked me tooth and claw. He is one very scared little animal. Seems unlikely that he has had human contact before."
Trying to comprehend the enormity of this was difficult. "He is alive and well in the broadest sense. If he has not been raised by people then what, who?" Nelson looked at me his blue eyes distant. "We are not sure we have the Feline Division on their way, as are the Canine Division. We expect that these would be the most likely rarers of this human. Though his feral-ness is extreme. It may be he rared himself?"
I went closer to observe the boy. Noticing that the room he was in was divided yet again with a glass wall. "Can I go in there?" Nodding my head towards the contained area within.
"Yes of course would you like me to come with?" Nelson offered. "Thank you I wish to go alone." I moved over to the door.
The instant it opened the boy erupted hysterically! He screeched his alarm and gave cautionary growling. I instinctively paused. Then mustering courage stepped into the room.
My senses blurred. The sight an almost morphic display of human flattened against the glass. Audial hissin-growl indescribable, decibels immeasurable. The room was suffused in muskypink throbbing calmly. My Aurap was responding to the room following the positive.
The child fell back to the floor I bent to help obviously unable. He lay still I sat down and waited. He moved slowly head lifting. Then he was up on all fours! Turning in my direction his lip curled and a barely audible rumble broke the savaged silence.
The room and the Aurap were actively keeping the calm atmosphere.

I sat and I watched…

He did not move from the spot on which he had fallen. He stared at me with intense black eyes no obvious pupils. His head set in attack position his neck rigid. He was perched between broad thighs (pounce ready). I to stared back at him without intensity. No emotion on my face.

I just watched.
When what seemed like an hour but only five minutes had passed. I started to hum softly. At first the boy was startled he reared up and hissed through impressively snarly lips.
I kept my eyes fixed on his my tune steady. The room had picked up my tune to and harmonized with a low slow vibe and a barely audible boom.
He settled back quickly into his pounce posture though he seemed more relaxed.
I sat watched and hummed.


I noticed the Feline Team slink in just ahead of the Canine Team.

A good idea having the glass clear so you could see out from within.
Boy instantly drew back to enable clearer vision of me and the outsiders.
I remained seated and humming.
When he had taken in the new people I spoke. "Hello" to the teams.
Boy jumped in fright and squawked but remained in that posture. "I want you to open the channel so he can hear you speaking please." With thought the Cat said. "Hello"
Boy changed position ever slightly to look at the Cat. "I'm Stein with the Feline Team. I am here to observe and advise."
He nodded at us "Thank you Stein" I replied in voice nodding.
Boy watching me.
"Hello I'm Jeneral I am here to observe and advise." Thought the female from the Canine Team. Boy looked at her I thought he looked calmer. "Thank you Jeneral" I again replied in voice.
I had Boys attention.
I decided to think. "Hello I'm Scenteal and I am here to observe and assist." I then spoke, thought and nodded. "Hello" no facial expression to flavour greeting.
Boy then looked at each in kind and nodded thinking the quietest whimper "hmm"
He started with Stein, Jeneral, then me. I stirred with excitement hoping my aurap wouldn't shock Boy. She slowly changed colour sensing the situation called for subtlety. He flinched slightly as she changed. But then curiosity replaced the reaction. "Hello" I repeated with voice and mind and a small toothless smile.
I watched and waited...


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