Monday, February 21, 2011


Scenteal having just left for work.
Bond made his way to the Cube and was wondering how she might react to the news of the feral.
Of course he had not mentioned his knowledge of the case to her that was not his place he did however 'feel' strange about withholding from his ward.
He stood in the Cube against the wall waiting for Reason. This was something he did once a week Reason liked to stay in touch with all the Bonds.
As he waited he thought of the feral babe and also over the details he knew of this child and the discovery of the child.
Other Bonds were also in his head discussing their knowledge of this case and many other subjects.
A few Bonds were curious as to why He (Scenteal's Bond) felt strange for not disclosing information that would rightly get to the ward through the proper channels anyway.
Bond was unable to explain himself it simply was an awkward sensation he 'physically' felt.
This was odd to the others and many were running diagnostics on him as they spoke
Bond didn't mind. This may produce answers to questions he hadn't yet thought of 
he followed their flow they found nothing they considered out of the ordinary.


The other Bonds fell silent when Reason greeted Bond in mind.
"Scenteal's Bond. Tell me of your ward her tasks, her progress in evolution." Bond informed Reason of Scenteal's health, general state of mind, sexual and emotional status.
Reason probed. "She is due a big advancement soon is she not?" Bond replied in kind. "Yes in fact her next task is set and in play as we speak."
Reason questioned. "Is she ready to grow?" Bond shifted ever slightly in position. "Academically, mentally and physically, yes she is ready."
Reason heard what the droid had said in his mind. But something else had caught his interest and it wasn't in the words. The droid had moved. Not a flinch or a cringe but a definite movement, as if, it were uncomfortable.  Reason had felt the droids movement in his mind.  Interesting this self evolving tech-deck was 'evolving emotionally' he must conference on this 'Human Emotion' was a delicate entity guarded and shaped for millennia now.  It may not do to have droids getting all juiced on emo. "How about emotionally is she ready, this is her final term with you is it not? So her task is going to evolve her emotionally more than any other task has, is she ready?" Reason thought the questions quite abruptly, after all he was addressing a droid, so it shouldn't matter.  Again slight movement from Bond. Then he replied of mind. "I think she is ready emotionally, yes." Reason's eyes smiled with curious interest. Though he was globally opposed to Bond he could hear and feel this droid clearly in his mind. He softened his voice of thought. "You think, you are not certain then?"  Bond sent. "Yes. I am not certain. It will be an intense task."
Reason smirked to himself then thought to ask. "You seem concerned, am I feeling this right?"  Bond's shoulders stiffened and toes curled. "Yes I am concerned."
Reason holding Bond's mind continued. "How does it feel to be concerned. How does it feel for you?"  Bond felt this strange coolness run down his spine he showed no outward sign of this, he replied to Reason. "I'm sorry. I don't understand the question?" Bonds synth-skin prickled beneath his clothes.
Reason had been paying close attention he didn't notice Bonds physical sensations, but he did recognise straight away how the droid became 'more droidy and affirmative in nature'.
Reason was elated and chilled simultaneously. They're 'naturally evolving' and emotionally, just what we had been aiming for and now what we… The droid had lied to him Reason stopped himself, they're evolving they may be able to hear my private mind. To Bond he sent. "Well you will be accompanying her so you need not be overly concerned."  Bond knew this check in was ending and he 'felt' he had missed something. "Yes. I'm going with Scenteal."  Reason ended it with. "Okay til next week then."  For the briefest of moments Bond was in silence, the silence was dark and freezing yet burned the minds eye.
Then the other bonds, bombarded him with questions, he was too drained to answer. "Run diagnostic again. Anyone, everyone something is not right"


After many other Bonds had run a seemingly pointless diagnostic on him Bond left the cube.
Instantly he felt Scenteal she was hurting, writhing, physically sick, he could feel her pain. Her mind screaming in blackred bilious waves. "Bond I need you! I need you now!" She screamed. I must go! He went to move then but the room moved instead, the walls swelled and wavered, forcing Bond to halt. He stared at the wall then breathed deep maybe his bio-systems needed oxygen. He moved through certain postures that would get the blood circulating better. Though he had always had a living organic structure, he had never had any problems with it before. These experiences, why were they happening now Scenteal needed him she was about to be consumed by a new reality.
How could he be there for her when he was not fully functioning. He finished the postures but had noticed a swimmy quality to his thoughts. Or behind the eyes? He was not certain.
He stood still to assess his sight of eye and mind.
It all seemed normal…
Scenteal had left with the chief Bond decided to head for Southside, hopefully he would arrive in time to comfort her. He thought to his collegues. "Give me all the information we have on our organic constructs and any theories on merging bio and cybersystems. Any and all. Thank you."
Bond left the building…


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