Monday, February 21, 2011


Boy sat there head cocked in curiosity at me. He was so cute. I smiled he did the same.
I entered his room. I noticed the room change slightly warmer and the lightest of pink tingeing.
Boy positively beamed at me. Looking as if he were about to explode with love and excitement.
I went to him and stroked his face he nearly collapsed in a mush. I guided him to the couch and we sat.
I placed an arm around him. He snuggled in I stroked his arm. He actually started purring.
We sat in this fashion for a little while. I even hummed a tuned and he copied me easily. He learned so quickly.
How could a truly feral being learn so quickly. It puzzled me. Boy moved to look at my face. His changed from serene to worry.
I smiled "It's okay. I'm just wondering about you. You are a mystery, you know that. Who are you?"
I look into his grey eyes and am drawn in…


I'm alone in a strange place it is warm and loving.
It is quite beautiful, though grey on grey. I feel loved. I then see-feel with mind-eye-body. A beautiful woman with deep grey eyes. Her essence runs through me, an intense feeling of love. I can feel my body radiating with her energy.
Then another figure presents.
The energy is magnificent powerful attractive and sensual. My body reacts to this vision in an extreme way. I let the feeling run through me.
Drifting on a grey wave I hear Bond.
"Scenteal come back now Sweety" Bonds voice excites me, even at the most inappropriate times.
I stretch feeling as though I've had another 6 hours rest.
Boy is doing the same. He is smiling wistfully. I take his hand gently and say. "Thank you she is beautiful" I send him thoughts of his mother that he had shared with me.
He smiled but his heart was keening! I held him in warm energy and held my arms open for him.
The room lulled with sound and colour. He accepted my support and came to curl up in my arms.
Bond was observing us. He too was looking wistful empathtech is amazing! He sat beside us warmth radiating forth.
We relax in the sea of calm…


"I'm taking him with me today." I inform Bond. "Yes" he replies. Why we speak I do not know? We essentially know each others mind. Speech is not necessary between Sentients and Empathtechs.
I think it may be the last grasp we have on the tangible. Or maybe we like to give of ourselves directly?
This is not the time or place for such pondering. Bond smiles he knows I think myself in circles all the time. Amusing to him. An endless journey for me. I return the smile.
"Has the Babe been in the cleanser?" I announce to the room.
I don't get an answer. "Hmm?" I look to Bond he shrugs. "I guess they are not interactive in the mind sense. Must be simple Aura walls. It would make sense." I gave him a look of not sure which? I was astounded I didn't even know you could get separate functioning walls.
I think I may have glazed over.
"Nelson is on his way now Scenteal."
"Thank you Bond. Sorry I have not been dealing too well with all the new ideas." Bond rumbled richly in laughter. "It is all okay you have learned much in the last days. That many would refuse to believe in a lifetime." This confused me further.
But Bond how do you know about the walls and people not believing? My world was suddenly feeling awfully small.
I never thought of myself as small minded before. But it was becoming evident that I most certainly was.
Bond let me wander in my thoughts…
It was strange I had been with Bond four years. This was my final year with him. I didn't even realise he knew of things outside of me and my interests.
Of course he would it's not like he was with me all my waking hours. I had no idea of where he was when not with me. It wasn't important. He wasn't sentient.
My stomach started feeling ick. How self involved can one be, and why now do I think such. When I'm involved in such a complex and undetermined mission.
I. I. I. Ick.
My aurap was assisting me in my state of cruel enlightenment. Tightening around my stomach and cooling me in a fresh yellow.
I turned to Bond sadness in heart-mind "I'm awfully sorry." I said of mind. Bond held my eyes with his lavender eyes and gentle smile. He explained in thought. "Scenteal it is all part of the natural course of becoming an Adult. You have done no wrong. This is something you need to experience and understand. To achieve excellence of self." He held me in his smile and sent me warmth. I relaxed and felt a deep respect for this empathtech. "Thank you Bond." I gave sincerely. "You are welcome Scenteal."
We sat quiet. I in reflection. The babe as a content kitten. Bond as Bond…


Nelson entered the room. "Morning" he said smiling warmly at the boy.
Then he looked at me and I swear he consumed me. I squirmed as my heart boomed and stomach flipped. "Ummm…"
Bond spoke aware of my ineptness at basic speech. "Scenteal was wondering if the boy had been in the cleansing cube?" Nelson smiled at me. Then turned to acknowledge Bond, then back to me. "Yes he has and he didn't like it at all!" Having gained my composure I spoke. "Well if go through first he may feel more confident to do so himself?" Nelson and Bond nodded in agreement.
I went over to the boy. "I am going to go and clean myself over there." I pointed to the room. "Okay?" He looked at me and at where I was pointing. He looked a little worried.
He held my hand whilst I walked over. I knelt down to speak to him. "I'm going in there it is okay." I stroked his cheek gently he looked sad. Then he looked back at Nelson and Bond.
Nelson walked over and knelt next to the boy. "It is okay." He said "Go cleanse I'll stay with. We need to give him a name."
I offered. "Ask him what his name is." I smiled and entered the light.
I came out of the cleanser feeling revived and ready…
Nelson was sitting with Boy on the floor and they had a Zen Tray laid before them. Boy was running his fingers through the sand. The mood was relaxed and loving. I had not been around this type of relationship before. It was a little different very warming. Nelson spoke by mind "Hi you this is new for me also. It is a very nice space don't you think?" I replied in kind "Yes it is a lovely space and I am grateful to share the experience." Boy looked at me and smiled, the warmth touched my heart.
With voice Nelson introduced me. "This is Vowd. He comes from the line of Vowd. His father was Vowd Zer. This is Vowd Zen." I smiled at that as did Nelson.
Zen looked at us and smiled too. "Nice to meet you Zen." I knelt to his level and brushed his cheek with my hand. Zen pushed into my hand he was purring. "It is time for Zen to cleanse." I spoke with mind and voice.
While I had been talking to Zen. Nelson had gone off to do something. I really had wanted him to help with Zens cleansing.
Nelson reappeared in an Aurap it was a light blue-purple he looked stunning! I sat staring mouth agape. Until I realised that I sat staring mouth agape. Nelson looked at me intently. His blue eyes sparkling a knowing. That I enjoyed what I could see, being him.
My cheeks were afire and the Aurap I was wearing was now the lightest blue-white.
She was cooling me down bless her…


Feeling composure had reached me, however tentative. I spoke. "Oh, I'm glad you're here." My cheeks started to warm again. "I mean I was hoping you would help me, with Zen. Help me with Zen." I was a babbling idiot! No-one had reduced me to such ever!
I assured myself it was simply the drama that had taken place yesterday. It had heightened my sense of. Sense.
More like sensuality! Oh dear!
Nelson stood staring at me with immense pleasure beaming from his face.
I had been broadcasting my self-talk. Oh! I couldn't hold his eyes and dropped my head.
"It's okay." Nelson smiled through his voice sending a gentle warmth to me. "I thought it might be best if I assisted Zen with the cleansing. Until he understands how it all works. I've bought a mask for him to wear. So he can see what is happening. You may wish to ask him to put it on?"
Zen who had been watching us this whole time. Looked at me curiously. He was confused by my reaction to Nelson and seemingly amused.
"Males!" I thought.
Nelson laughed making the boy smile. I couldn't help but smile also.
Zen stood walked over to Nelson touched the aurap with interest. He hadn't seen Nelson in one before. Then he reached for the mask Nelson held for him. Looking at Nelson with enquiry. "Yes." replied Nelson with thought and voice. "It is for you." He handed the mask to Zen. Who took the translucent material and examined it. Pulling it and peering through it. He then placed it on his head.
Both Nelson and I laughed at the antics. "Here let me show you." Nelson said. He took the mask and placed it across his eyes. It conformed instantly to his contours.
Zen smiled touched the mask then tipped his head forward to see if it would fall off. Then shook his head seeing if it would come away. It didn't budge.
He giggled. We smiled.
Then Nelson placed a hand on Zen's shoulder to lead him away. "Let us go and get you cleaned up."
As they walked off Zen was still giggling about the mask on his face.
I cherished the scene. I had not witnessed such joy. It is rare to see such whimsical emotion. How odd for it is a beautiful thing.
I sat, relaxed and waited…


I was sitting on the couch. Nibbling at the nuts and fresh fruit that had been brought in for breakfast.
Nelson and Zen returned from the cleansing.
I stopped with hand halfway to my mouth. I looked upon this handsome little man. His skin was touched a fair olive and now unmarred by dirt. He was wearing an aurap and aurapants.
He looked like the little boy he should. And was sporting an ecstatic grin. "Oh my Zen, don't you look handsome." I said with mind and voice sending him warmth.
Zen looked pleased with my approval and looked at Nelson. "I told you she would approve didn't I." Nelson smiled.
"Time to eat we are going out there today." He pointed to the door leading out to the rest of the building.
Zen suddenly looked concerned his beautiful grey eyes darted between Nelson and myself.
His aurap started rosing and calming.
I smiled at Zen then thought to him "Its okay we will take care of you." Nelson affirmed "Yes we will take care of you." We shared a smile with Zen and then each other. My face warmed. We both concentrated on sending warmth to Zen.
Then unexpectedly Zen encompassed us with a beautiful energy. His mind showing us his 'family' in the thousands. It was like we were being supported in an energy so powerful so deep it touched the soul.
Tears were welling in my eyes and my heart ached. Allowing and reciprocating this wonderful gift. I tried to focus on Nelson. He had no emotion on his face, but his eyes betrayed elatedness.
I smiled wistfully at Zen. He, at that moment, appeared not as a child. But as an ancient, his smile serene on his ageless face. His eyes eternal and in those eyes were the eyes of his mother, his father, their parents and theirs and so on. "Thank you Zen, Zer, Yael and Ohana. We shall protect this young soul entrusted to us." Nelson spoke these words. I couldn't form logical thought. Let alone think to be thankful and accept the obvious responsibility that Nelson had officially accepted for us. I looked at Nelson and could see he was serious of the position he had taken on. I to, felt genuinely committed to Zen and his care. Zen was beaming and I again saw the child that he is.
Having eaten the nuts and fruit provided we stood.
Zen with us we made our way to the door. A picture of going out flashed in my mind. I turned to Zen smiled and spoke of mind. "Yes we are going out." I felt a little anxiety but not a lot from him.
Nelson rubbed his back, comforting. We left the rooms.
Zen's aurap was calming peachpink tones.
We approached the door accessing the corridor…


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